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Urumada was founded in 1990 and it has been producing food and beverage products since the fall of 1991. It is located in Urmia (North West of Iran) that enjoys cold and humid climate as well as fantastically fertile soil. Urumada has a vast area of approximately more than 45000 m2 with five large production halls, four wide storage halls, one large cold store in addition to five vast halls, one advanced chemical laboratory and one administrative building for staff. We produce several types of food products and beverages through professional  machines.

The aim of this company has been producing food and beverage products with great consideration over customer demands as well as exporting the products, trying to compete at an international level, meeting up the universal quality assurance policy.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, we have been achieving certificates of quality management systems since 1999. Urumada has proudly received ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 (version 2000) three years later from RW-TUV. Since April 2008, this company was honored to get HALAL certificate. On the other hand, since October 2006, this company managed to receive U.S (FDA) certificate. Our ultimate goal is to reach the highest degree of quality; and to fulfill that goal, we are of the conviction that customer satisfactory surveys should be carried out. To improve the production quality has always headed the list of Urumada’s priorities.

Currently our products are more than 175 items ,also kind of fruit puree and fruit juice concentate packaged in drum as aseptic and non aseptic process.

Urumada has exported to: Canada, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Belorussia, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Tanzania ,Malaysia and Australia.

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urum Ada's products have international certificates ISO9001: 2008 quality management from two reputable company URS TUVNORD Germany and the UK, certification of ISO22000: 2005 in health management and food safety of TUVNORD Germany.standard and industrial Research Institute has been introduced to meet the needs and demands of our customers is an essential part of the main goals of the institute is ensured.