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URUMADA was established in 1990 and was exloited for the food produts in 1991.the products of it consisted of tomato sauce in the beginning and gardually it developed itself to product mayonnaise and ketchup, french sauce ,different typs of pickles ,jams,honey,compotes,and also fruit juices,beverages,vinegar to meet the inquiries of the customers and buyers and also to fulfill the development policies of the company . URUMADA mananers keep going on the salangs of the selves “ quality is the path not the qoal” and “ the customer comes first “ and try to make the customers satisfied and produce under best qualities and in the effective way on thecustomers. To meet the said needs the following goals aretaken into consideration;

Quality     /    Variety    /    Innovation
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urum Ada's products have international certificates ISO9001: 2008 quality management from two reputable company URS TUVNORD Germany and the UK, certification of ISO22000: 2005 in health management and food safety of TUVNORD Germany.standard and industrial Research Institute has been introduced to meet the needs and demands of our customers is an essential part of the main goals of the institute is ensured.